Saturday, 31 December 2016


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For everyone, despite our beliefs, culture, race, color, today represents something special!

Together, we can make life worth living by ensuring we put a big smile on those desiring... let's learn to share, care, love again. Man has turned man's worst enemy, shedding blood like it's a norm, exhibiting wickedness like it's a way of life...NO! We can make a U-Turn and make our world alot takes You, Me and, Everyone of Us...let's start today #letlovelead

Welcome to 2017!!!

Lovely! Beautiful new photo of Kelly Rowland and her son

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They're so cute!

Remember US based Nigerian Ify Yvonne who posted a photo of NFL player on IG she was crushing on? Well, they married traditionally today

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Beautiful Ify Yvonne Mkparu who goes by the instagram name @naijagoddess posted a photo of an man Chris Madu asking his identity. She found him, along the line in June 2016 they got engaged!

Fastforward today, they became the last lastest couple of 2016, they married traditionally in Idemilli south in Anambra State. Photos of the ceremony after the cut...