Saturday, 11 February 2017

Black sooth getting worse in Port Harcourt

Ever wondered the state of health of residents in Port Harcourt in the next 3-5 years if we inhale this sooth one more day? This is not healthy atall! Imagine the magnitude of sooth right inside a home clearly visible in the palm as shown in this photo just from one night experience, talk more of what was inhaled all through the night.

The Sooth visible in finger nails, nostrils, furniture, phlegm, everything that has exposure to air.

In December, the Government promised to look into it and it dissappeared a few days and came back early january.

It is not enough to investigate this development, Rivers State Government,  do something fast and drastic to stop it from the source please! 

Port Harcourt residents should join me and speak up until there's proof of action..this is all shade of wrong as I'm certain the Goverment knows its source already and are delaying stopping it for God know what..

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