Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Foston Utomi's wife reveals he beat her over 20 times in 3 years, tried to kill her 3 times

This was actually the post that sparked Ajoke's revelation of her domestic violence abuse on Instagram yesterday.

Her estranged husband Foston Utomi had tried to turn motivational speaker when he made this post below on his own page. Nigerians replied him pointing out his wickedness but he thought one of the comments was from his estranged wife. So he wrote her a warning note. 

That was when Ajoke denied replying his motivation post and opened up about how he allegedly abused her the 3 years they have been together, how he beat her over 20 times in their 3 years together, allegedly tried to murder her and how since she left him four months ago, she has had peace of mind!

Ajoke also cursed her baby's father that he'll not have a happy ending unless his parents take him to a 
mountain for deliverance. That if not, he will end up killing himself for abusing her. Ajoke also has a warning for those who in the comments on her and husband's IG pages said she deserved the domestic violence because she was after his money and because she broke a man's heart in the past..

MARRIAGE IS BEAUTIFUL, why all these demonic domestic violence stories everyday? Ajoke's story below:

If you think you can post something on a public platform and then come to me in private to say your post is not about me then you must be joking for real. 
So since you started it I guess is okay for me to come here and ask you "who exactly is your post directed to then"? 
Awww are you feeling salty cos I left you? Feeling salty cos I rejected all your pathetic pleas for me to come back to you? Only a few people know what a monster you really are, and most of them can't tell you the truth cos you are feeding them. 
You said it yourself that through out our relationship and marriage I never did anything wrong to you (I have all the screen shots), I never cheated on you, never talked back at you, never wronged you. Despite the fact you did unimaginable things to me,all I did was look for new ways to love you everyday. 
I walk around smiling, trying to be strong for my son but only I know how You have destroyed me, if my scars ever heal it would be a true miracle. 
Now to whoever this ghost account "hayoxy" is (I swear on my life and my entire family that I have no idea who it is, I'm not following Foston so I didn't even see the post until he sent me the screenshot) thank you but you honestly don't even need to fight for me. 
I haven't cried in almost 4 months now, that's enough proof that God has already fought for me. 
Now back to your post sir Uba, you will not have a happy ending oh! What happy ending? Let me just tell you right now- it's impossible! You beat me nothing less than 20 times in 3 yrs and attempted to murder me (MURDER) 3 times and you think you will know peace? 
It doesn't matter how much you have, unless your parents take you to a mountain for deliverance you will end up killing yourself mark my words. 
You bought me a Range Rover so you may buy your next girl (victim) a Bentley when you find her sure she will enjoy financial bliss but she will pay dearly for you are cursed. 
You know I'm your heart I was never with you for money, when we started I didn't even know who you were, I hadn't even heard Patoranking's Alubarika, my intentions and love was pure until I finally saw that you didn't deserve it. 
Respect yourself!

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