Thursday, 2 March 2017

Studies now shows Microwave usage is unhealthy?

Microwave power is produced by magnetron which is special tube that is created by two scientists in World War II. Combined with radar system of Britain, these microwaves had to locate the Nazi airplanes and also foiled an attempt to bombing.

Few years after, these microwaves were found, by Percy LeBaron Spencer, as able to cook food, He is a member of military industry complex known as Raytheon Company. What happened in fact? Actually, radar waves melted candy bar that he kept in pocket.
This led to creating Radar Range and it was the first microwave oven, in extremely large proportions.
Numerous researchers objected to their use nowadays. Reason for our speaking about beginning of microwave ovens lays in their nature. To clarify this, microwave ovens have around 2.45 billion hertz. That is not dangerous if the microwave does not leak. You should not be close to microwave oven when it on regarding the fact that it is proven that frequency amount that endangers health is 10 Hertz.
Side effects of using microwaves are:
  • Weakened immune system
  • Cataracts
  • Birth defects
  • Greater susceptibility to illness
  • Reduced resistance to infections
  • Cancer
Effects of microwaves on food:
  • A study conducted by Swiss scientist Hans Hertel showed that microwave ovens eliminate all nutrients from food
  • Also radiation from ovens deforms and destroys food molecules and leads to creation of harmful radioactive compounds
  • A study from Search for Health in 1992 showed that microwaves led to these following issues in participants tested:
  • reduced hemoglobin -that led to an anemic conditions
  • significant raise in cholesterol level
  • increased leukocytes
  • cell damage and poisoning
  • white blood cells fall
  • microwaved Infant formulas was greatly damaged
  • components of amino acids were altered, thus lead to immunological abnormalities
  • microwaved breast milk deprived of 96% of its antibodies
Even though you are sure your microwave oven is completely sealed, still you are exposed to dangerous levels of electromagnetic fields- EMF, and they enter the body leading to severe health issues.
Recommended maximum exposure by EPA is about .5mG – 2.5mG of EMF.
Note now,  just being 4 inches away from microwave while it is on, it makes you exposed to 100 – 500mG.
If you stay on distance of 3 feet away microwave exposes you to 1 – 25mG.
No one can deny that microwave ovens are fastest and most convenient way to cook a food. But yet, your health and family health should always be priority, since it was proven that these ovens significantly damage health. Focus on reducing or completely eliminate their use.

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