Thursday, 16 March 2017

Yaay! It's my birthday...

Where do I start? Ok...uhmm...well, I must say God has been specifically awesome to me, imagine all my unrighteousness, He still picked me, dusted me and placed me where I can hardly imagine I'd be.

To you my readers, you barely know how much you are all worth in my heart, everytime you click on here, waking up everyday, I am reminded that I owe you a commitment that cannot be compromised. You are all special! amazing that is!

My friends...I have a few but good ones at that. There is a saying that 'one good friend is worth a hundred relative' this is what you represent in my life, I hold dear every good memory and hurdle we crossed together. 

I am blessed with the most amazing family! I couldnt ask more...the littlest affection and care, gives me hope...for a happy ending. During the good and bad have shown what true love is.

Thank you all for being a part of me till this day, let's make it happen again in my new age...I LOVE YOU ALL!

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