Thursday, 19 January 2017

Family members took to their heels as Man woke up from coffin at his funeral

A man left many people in serious shock after he woke up in the coffin as he was about being buried during a funeral and asked them what was going on.
The elderly man from China said to be 75, had "stopped breathing" and had "cold feet and hands" when he was believed dead by his son, Huang Mingquan, and around a dozen other relatives.
The man was extremely weak forcing the family members to believe that he had finally passed away.
But, things took a turn when eight hours into the man’s funeral service, he opened the lid of the wooden coffin, sat up, and asked his children: "What’s happening? Are you preparing my funeral?"
He had seen the wreaths, ornaments, banners, as well as the gathering of relatives who had apparently all arrived to mourn his death. The process would have continued for the next few days and carried on after his coffin had been put in the ground.
The man’s kids rushed over to lift their old dad from the coffin and put him back on to his bed, apologising for the awkward mix-up. The pensioner is still weak and not eating much.
He has now spent the past two days since "coming back from the dead" lying in bed and eating porridge. The case occurred in Junlian County, in south-western China’s Sichuan Province.


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