Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Suveillance camera bursts Father who tried to sell his infant son in order to buy his wife a car

The police in China have arrested and detained a father after he tried to sell his infant son in order to buy a car for his wife. Huanqiu reported that the man wanted to divorce his wife, and his wife said he must buy her a car for her to agree to the divorce.
But luck ran out on the man after he was on camera holding his five-month-old baby in freezing weather on the street of Linyi city in eastern China as he waited for a potential buyer whom he had met on the internet for 80,000 yuan (£9,606).
The suspect, surnamed Zhang, was seen waiting at the intersection of Jinyi Road and Linyi San Road on the morning of January 12, a video posted by iqilu.com shows.   
After interrogation, Zhang confessed that he had put his son up for sale online. A buyer had agreed to pay 70,000 yuan (£8,414) to 80,000 yuan(£9,606) for the boy, and said he would meet the father at the intersection on that day.
Zhang explained to the police that he was pushed to the edge by the wife. His wife agreed to the divorce but demanded for a car, so the man planned to sell their baby in order to afford a car.
The man explained that he also hoped to find the child a good home before getting divorced. He said: 'It is difficult to break up when you have a child.'
Zhang had been detained for human trafficking. Police are investigating into the case further.

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