Tuesday, 17 January 2017

What...there are people who offer to go completely nude and clean your home for 25K?

In what will come across as a really shocking development, people have begun to hire stark n*ked cleaners to their homes to clean up for a fee. 

A new and really stunning business is offering n*ked cleaning services to people – and inviting you to sit down and watch.
According to Daily Star UK, cleaners are hired to dust, water the plants, making beds and ironing clothes – all in the buff.
Naturalist Cleaners, has been launched in London and is now expanding to Manchester and other regions.
Clients are allowed to watch and many choose to be naked too.
The owner of the business, Laura Smith insists there is nothing sexual about it.
She said: "It's proved really popular, so we're expanding. It's a service for the nudist community.

"We are a cleaning company. There's nothing sexual about the business at all.

"The majority of our clients are nudists.

"I understand people will think certain things about the company, but there is nothing untoward about it."
The service is £65 (about N25k) for the first hour and £55 for each hour after that.
On its website Naturalist Cleaners say: "With our high quality service, personalised cleaner availability, and professionalism, you will not be disappointed."

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